Alterrealism – The other side

 There are always two sides to a coin. The same can be said for Silicon Valley. We hear about the economy getting better, when people continue to lose jobs. We hear about the housing bust when someone else makes a whopping profit. And when we make tremendous advances in technology, we continue to lose loved ones to age-old diseases such as cancer and heart disease. What is real? What isn’t?

I recently met an incredible artist who contemplates this paradox in her works, Uba Owl
 What is the conscious and the unconscious? The tangible vs the untangible? The outer reality, the inner reality, and how both are real, both are connected. There is a fine line between life which springs forth from organic matter and “no life” of inorganic matter. What is thought? Emotions? Feelings? vs the rude awakening of slap in the face? The touch of a textured surface. And while many philosophers and artists explore the subtleties of the connections, science has yet to quantify what these are.

None the less, a new movement, Alterrealism,
 attempts to explore those connections through an artistic lens. How your feels shape your physical being. How the outside world changes your innermost thoughts. And how together, reality is formulated. 

It may be wishful thinking, but hopes, wishes and positive thoughts could only help when one reality is about a down economy and doom and gloom. – Keep that thought.


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