Flexibility, Patience, and a thick skin. Virtues of a Small Small Business Person.

Without a doubt, we, the “small small business” business owner, have the cards stack against us. When a large customer asks us to jump, we not only jump higher, we try to fly. When there’s an impossible deadline, we barrel our heads down and we make it possible. And, when we need a timely response from our client in order to push their project through, we bite our lips off patiently waiting for them to “get back to us”.

With limited budgets and time, we weather the harsh criticisms and take satisfaction in the fact that we got the job out the door and we’re still in one piece, ready to take on the next battle. And as brutal the process is, we keep going, and going and going. Yes we have to be smarter than the competition. Faster. Hungrier. More savvy. Yet flexibility, patience and a thick skin are attributes they don’t teach in school. You learn it on the frontlines of everyday business.

A business plan, a strategy, and setting goals are important first steps in the process of building a business. But how you deal with the daily, moment by moment challenges builds the character of your business and sets you apart from the competition.


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