In Response to MJ’s blog on Eco-Chic.

Eco-chic can meaning driving a Prius to oen party and your Mercedes to another; depending on who is there and what the party is for? A prius for the Green Ball, but a Mercedes for the Investment Bankers Ball!

What many buyers don’t realize is marketing of the Prius pitches to only the “use” cycle of the product (car). Only a full Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) would really determine if the raw materials and products (manufacturing process) use to assemble the car, their manufacturing processes and the eventual “dsiposal” of the car are really “environmentally friendly”. Perhaps this LCA exists somewhere, but to do so in full would require a huge fee to an LCA consultant. 

Americans need to start realizing the entire life of products and small changes the average person (not only the wealthy who can build sustainable homes and drive Priuses vs. Pontiacs) can put into effect; what might some of these be? Ideas? And, why would the average person make such changes?


You’re absolutely right. A full Life Cycle Assessment is the only way we can determine if something is truly “green”. (Paper vs plastic???). The challenges of doing a full LCA on everything is daunting to say the least, if not totally out of our budgets (especially in this economy). But a movement towards awareness starts with everyone. And as we gain more awareness and acceptance we can continue to evaluate our choices and make adjustments as we go. When the “movement” reaches critical mass, then government has to respond to the people. And legislation and action can take place.

Short of this, the concept of “cradle to cradle” not just “cradle to grave” hopefully will give us a renewed perspective on how we use things and dispose of things, and spawn new ideas and industries to recycle, repurpose and reuse things on a daily basis.

Being “eco-chic” is not the answer to our global woes. But it is a signal that our “enlightened consciousness” has to permeate all our human activities. And when that happens, we will then ready to take the next step of altering lifestyles and taking actions to make meaningful changes that will move us towards a sustainable world.


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