Congress Urged to move climate change agenda ahead

rushhourI applaud Congressman Mike Honda’s article published in the Mercury News(6/10/09) regarding the need for congressional constituents to urge congress to take action on global climate change issues. For most of us, we are focused on the economy, jobs, housing, education and health issues which confront us in our daily lives. It is hard to look out into the future beyond the next few months, let alone the next few years. Unfortunately, time is catching up to us and we are going to have to recognize the impeding challenges ahead of us and take decisive action. This is not just a local, regional, or national issue. It is a global issue which will affect all of  us. In addition to the political, economic and social confrontations on the international stage, what to do about global climate change has stymied political leaders and scientists alike It is important for each and everyone of us to understand the gravity of the situation and reassess our own values and lifestyles to move towards a more sustainable society now and into the future. Talk to your congressional representatives, state representatives, city council and county supervisors. Talk to your teachers, educators, and other civic leaders. It is our opportunity for our country to take the leadership role in this important fight to sustain our planet for generations to come.


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