Jeff Beck. The quintessential rock minstrel extraordinaire.

April 23, 2009. Oakland, CA. For any closet rock guitarist of age, Jeff Beck is the embodiment of guitar royalty, a stylistic perfectionist unmatched in the world of rock gods today. And with a quest for insight and enlightenment, hundreds of loyalists made the pilgrimage to the Fox Theater in Oakland, to witness the master at work in his ultimate glory. By casual observation, the sold-out crowd was perhaps 95 percent men, with the overwhelming majority over the age of 40. Yes, we’ve seen many a show in our day, and this was the ultimate show. Like fine wine, this was Beck at his best.

Contrasting the newly renovated Fox Theater with its exotic and opulent decor was the Jeff Beck band, bare, raw and feisty. No frills. No introductions. Just a solid kaleidoscope of scorching, soulful melodies and pounding rhythms that enveloped the entire theater. Jeff continues to confound and amaze even the most seasoned guitarists, squeezing uncanny notes and squeals of melodies that leave one thirsting for more. From his high energy searing jams to the exotic lines of “Nadia” Beck and his band mates takes you on a roller coaster ride of tasty treats that only he can deliver. Backed by the veritable genius of beat, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jason Rebello on keyboards and the talk of the town, Tal Wilkenfeld on bass, the band was tight and “on it” from the first note ’til the final encore.

For every rock guitarist “wanna-be” this was an evening to remember. A chance to experience the journey, Beck-style. And to lay claim that you were there, to witness an incredible night of music and emotions from the master himself, Jeff Beck.



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