Phenomenal Tango Music rocks the chapel walls


Music of Astor Piazzolla

Music of Astor Piazzolla

Last month’s phenomenal performance of Tragedia, Comedia y Piazzolla at the Old Mission San Jose in Fremont, literally rocked the chapel walls as the tight-nit quintet powered through the songs and music of Astor Piazzolla. The second coming of “Quineteo Quilombo“, the classical chamber tango ensemble, to the Music at the Mission and Music@Market music series was a delight to the almost full house (or should I say full church?). Led by virtuoso performers Seth Asarnow on Bandoneon and Ertan Torqul on violin, they pushed and pulled Piazzola’s music with such raw emotion, the audience was compelled to jump to their feet and shout their praises several times during the evening.


The venue was a perfect setting for the delicate subtle interludes as well as the powerful bursts of energy that engulfed the hall. Rounding out the quintet was Bill Everett on bass, Paul Binkley on guitar and Aileen Chanco on piano. Individually each are dynamic performers in their own right. Collectively they are a powerhouse of musical mastery and innovation.

Sadly the evening ends too soon, albeit on a high, high note.


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