Welcome to NewCali. The other side of Silicon Valley and California

Silicon Valley LifeIt’s a new year, and a new beginning. An annual reminder that we have the opportunity to make great changes in our lives. To alter the course of our meanderings accumulated over the many years.

Silicon Valley. A great place to live. Multimillionaires who made their fortunes on tech IPOs and built great mansions overlooking the valley. Home of Intel, Apple, Cisco, HP, Yahoo, eBay, Google. Changing the way we live work and play.

The concept of Silicon Valley as the global technology leader plays well on the news, but what about you and me. And your next door neighbor. Your children. Getting to school. Your brother who lost his job. Your uncle who can’t afford health insurance. What about the homeless man you ignore everyday on your way to work.

The war. Terrorism. Economy. Housing prices. Traffic. Insurance. Taxes. Finances. Education. Jobs. Healthcare. Environment. Alienation of people. Disintegration of family. Relationships. Even the quality of our entertainment and leisure. Where did we go wrong?

While a select few have reaped the rewards of stock options, the rest of us keep our noses to the grindstone and hope that someday, we’ll hit the big one. Good luck.

The future of our community depends upon not just the lucky few, but the health and well-being of each and everyone of us. The working class, the homeless, the jobless, the poor, the marginalized, the sick, the elderly, our children.
We all play an important role in the fabric of our society.

We hear the stories of the rich and famous. Where are the stories of the “everyday people”? Within these stories are the possibilities for new beginnings, new opportunities. Silicon Valley is famous not only for the computer chip, but for creativity, innovation, diversity, and a zest for making life better for the future. Or even just for our neighborhood.

I welcome your stories. The heroics of the daily grind. The epiphanies of the moment. The confrontations and resolutions. The challenge of just getting to the end of the day.

We might not change the world. But we’re working on it.

Welcome to the other side of Silicon Valley.


One response to “Welcome to NewCali. The other side of Silicon Valley and California

  1. Detour in Silicon Valley.
    Travelling at “x” miles an hour over the speed limit, late at night, north on 85 connecting to 101 north… SLAM!!!! on the brakes. The midnight construction crew has closed off the interchange of 85 and 101. With the flashing lights pointing you to get off the freeway, I followed a caravan of cars gingerly creeping to a stop. Your choice. Left or Right. With NO SIGN directing you to get onto 101 north.

    Once off the freeway, you’re in suburban no-man’s-land. It took an extra 15 minutes (and a bit of gas) of wandering around (LOST) only to find the next onramp closed as well.

    Finally making my way to Charleston Rd., I made it onto 101 north, heading home.

    Is this what has become of Silicon Valley? Have we lost our ability to lead and show people the way? Did we lose our sense of “serving the community”? of responsibility? of being able to think ahead? of consequences of our actions? Have we lost our way?

    We have a lot of “repair work” we need to do here in our community. Not on just the roads, but to our neighbors. to each other.

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